Sibari-Rossano section of the State Road 106, the services conference to decide on its future has been postponed to 13 June


By John

The long-awaited services conference scheduled for this morning in Catanzaro to decide the future of the Sibari-Rossano section of the Ionian State Road 106 has been postponed to June 13th. This was communicated by the Extraordinary Commissioner for State Road 106 himself Massimo Simonini.
The move was necessary «given the note from the Calabria Region – we read in the communication sent to the interested parties – of 27 May 2024 with which a postponement of the meeting of the conference of services was requested in simultaneous form and in synchronous mode, postponement requested for the necessary collation of all the opinions necessary for the definition of the single regional opinion, some of which have been received by the Calabria Region in the last few days”. A request that arrived less than twenty-four hours after the start of the request but, considering that the single regional opinion is essential for the holding of the service conference meeting decision-making in simultaneous and synchronous mode, for the purposes of concluding the procedure, it was decided to postpone the meeting scheduled for 28 May 2024 and, as a result, sets the new date of the meeting in simultaneous, synchronous and in attendance on Thursday 13 June 2024 at 10.30 am, again in Germaneto in the headquarters of the Calabria Region.