In Catania a day of celebration in memory of Grazia Maria Antonuccio from Messina


By John

A day of celebration marked by the memory of a “fellow student” who was taken from life. The whole academic community – in particular the ten students of the School of Specialization in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, the teachers of the “school” and the rector Francesco Priolo – rallied around the family of the Messina woman Grazia Maria Antonucciowho passed away prematurely two years ago, on the occasion of the last act of her four-year course of study.

In the main hall of the central building, in fact, at the conclusion of the discussion of the theses of the ten students of the “school”, the rector Francesco Priolo conferred the specialization diploma in memory of Grazia Maria, handing it over to her parents, Salvatore Antonuccio and Franca Casale. The University of Catania has not forgotten her at all, her young student who could not be there in that great hall to discuss her thesis and celebrate the achievement of a new university achievement together with his classmates: Agnese Balbo, Graziana Busà, Salvatore Failla, Fabrizio Famoso, Giorgia Giranio, Sara Clelia Longo, Grazia Papotto, Giuliana Rosta, Giuseppe Santamaria and Fabio Vitagliani.

A long hug – from the rector Francesco Priolo to the students – to the parents of Grazia Maria amidst the applause of all those present. Among them also the members of the graduation commission: Michele Vecchio and Giulia Letizia Mauro, respectively directors of the specialization school of the universities of Catania and Palermo, Maria Angela Sortino, director of the department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences, and the teachers Rita Barone, Guido Basile, Matteo Cioni, Anna Gueli and Carlo Vancheri as well as prof. Francesco Priolo.

«A day of celebration for you students of the school at the end of a tiring journey of study and work. It is no coincidence that we chose the symbolic place of the university, the great hall, to give maximum solemnity to the moment dedicated to you specialists in a medical sector important for society”, said the rector Francesco Priolo in an emotion-filled lecture hall. «But he is also a day of remembrance because the University of Catania is a community of teachers, students and technical-administrative staff and does not forget anyone. Today is also a day of celebration for Grazia Maria”, she added as she handed over the diploma to her parents, Salvatore and Franca.

And Franca Casale, Grazia Maria’s mother, followed by speaking, recalling her “wonderful smile” and her “always living presence”. «She will not be able to enjoy this moment together with her colleagues despite her great love for medicine, dreamed of becoming a physiatrist. And today I wish you the same wish I would have given my daughter, to never lose sight of the human aspect. Have a good life”, said Franca Casale amidst the applause and hugs of the students of the “school” who dedicated a video message to Grazia Maria.