Barcelona, ​​Forza Italia calls for the resignation of mayor Giuseppe Calabrò


By John

The group of Forza Italia to the city council of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (in the province of Messina) stigmatizes the behavior of the centre-right mayor Giuseppe Calabró, calling for his resignation, which «still amazes by ending up once again on the pages of the Daily Fact for the grotesque Facebook live broadcast of November 2nd, which in defiance of any rule of respect for the sacredness of places, saw the Councilor for Culture, complete with an accompanying expert, perform in a media show in the city cemetery on the day of remembrance of the deceased. Adding to the lack of common sense and good taste comes the forgetfulness that smacks of gaffes and which leads Barcellona PG to be classified in a report by Tg3 Sicilia as the city that forgets, or even worse, ignores, the victims of the mafia, all of this Why the Councilor for Culture and his faithful expert do not mention the journalist Beppe Alfano among the illustrious people of Barcelonarightly arousing the indignation of the family to whom the full solidarity of our group goes.”

«The position of Calabrò is uncommendable – adds the note – who in his justifying statements tries to put a patch that appears worse than the hole, and naturally, as reported by Tg3, he performs his favorite sport of passing the buck by declaring that the event is not was organized by the Administration, so who is disavowing the Councilor or the expert?”. «Inadequacy reigns supreme as well as embarrassment in a city with a thousand unresolved problems which is sinking into full economic ruin and in which the mayor finds nothing better to do than to divert working resources, including managers, by establishing a theater staff of questionable utility. Resignations at this point appear far too little”, concludes the FI group.