In Catanzaro the “Dinner in the Dark” to raise awareness among participants about blindness and social problems


By John

It was held yesterday March 18th, at the restaurant New Albatross of Catanzaro Lido, the “Dinner in the Dark”, organized by the social promotion association Controvento in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Catanzaro section.

A highly evocative evening, the ultimate aim of which was to raise awareness among the many participants who attended, on an extremely delicate and important topic such as blindness and the social problems that, unfortunately, derive from it.

The leitmotif of the evening, relaunched in recent days on Controvento's social channels, was: “Light looks good on everyone, but only a few know how to wear darkness”. A figure that in the end proved to be particularly apt. The evening, in fact, was spent as a moment of sharing and conviviality, during which the diners were welcomed and accompanied into a completely darkened room that was packed in every seating order. The organizers of the evening, after having explained the dinner handbook in detail to the participants, proceeded to serve the dishes, with the help of blind and partially sighted children, without the guests knowing their actual composition.

The diners therefore had to rely on the disabled children who looked after them throughout the evening, trying, strictly in complete darkness, to activate only the other four senses which, often, are put in the background because sight generally absorbs the main attention.

Great satisfaction for the complete success of the evening was expressed by the lawyer. Francesco Mancusopresident of Controvento and from Luciana Loprete, president of the UICI of Catanzaro, so much so that further repetitions of the event in the future cannot be ruled out.

In particular, President Mancuso, in thanking the members of Controvento and the UICI volunteers who worked with full and convinced self-sacrifice for the success of the Dinner in the dark, reiterated how the vulnerable groups will be at the center of the promotional action of his association, announcing how new and interesting events will soon be held with these themes at the centre.