“Kate-gate”: the princess thinks about a counterattack, but the return to the scene is postponed to April


By John

Shaken by the storm of crazy rumors unleashed by 'Kate gate' (her absence from the public scene and then the retouched family photo), the Princess of Wales is contemplating a counterattack: together with her husband, William, she wants to limit the damage created by the scandal. Her first stop will likely be a new photograph of her son Prince Louis on his sixth birthday on April 23. William and Kate should maintain the tradition of publishing a photo: in the past Kate has often taken them, it is not clear whether she will be behind the lens this time too. Then the princess should return to public: she could show up on Easter Sunday, joining the family for the traditional walk in Windsor, towards St George's Chapel. But the actual return to the scene will be at the end of the Easter holidays of her three children, who return to Lambrook School on April 17: return on stage therefore not before mid-April, when Kate could also speak publiclyto deny the wild rumors circulating in the media, both about his health and his marriage.

Giving the latest updates on how Kate and Prince William are reacting to the scandal is The Sunday Times, perhaps the loudest of the British newspapers, very linked to the Palace. The newspaper – which has spoken to several 'friends' – writes that the princess is very “shaken” by what happened but the recovery continues; while her husband William has as his top priority protecting the family “bubble” that he and Kate have created in their home in Windsor, Adelaide Cottage.

“After school, it's just the five of them at home, with Kate making dinner, not a cook or housekeeper. By his own admission, William is not a chef. What he has found particularly difficult in recent weeks, friends say, is the sense that the couple's “bubble is under threat and that his wife is going through some of what her mother went through.” “Friends add that the couple is fully aware of the recent media coverage and (know) the most outlandish and prurient conspiracy theories being circulated about them on social media.” Rumors and inferences of all kinds: that the princess has fallen into a coma (if not dead…), that their marriage is in ruins, put in crisis by his betrayals (the suspect is a long-time friend, Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley). So far The Times.

But in the flurry of voices, in the last few hours it has also been circulating on the web that the BBC has put its editorial staff on alert in view of an extremely important announcement from Kensington Palace about Kate. The 'rumor' has not been confirmed and indeed BBC employees say it is not true. And The Sun did the clever trick in today's edition. The tabloid has collected the voices of “witnesses” who say they have spotted the princess over the weekend, near Windsor Castle: she was in a agricultural products shop “happy, relaxed and in good health”. Rumors but again no photos.