In Matteo Paolillo's «2045» the battle is to remain human


By John

Many questions about our present through a dystopian science fiction story, set in the future, in «2045», literary debut by Matteo Paolillo, in bookstores for Solferino. Idol of the new generations thanks to the interpretation of the character of Edoardo Conte in «Mare Outside»today he is among the most loved names of new Italian music, with successful songs starting from «'O mar for», theme song of the Rai2 cult series, and «Origami all'alba» and over one and a half million followers on Instagram. The actor and singer-songwriter from Salerno will be in Sicily in the next few days: on the 20th in Palermoat the Flaccovio Mondadori bookstore, and on the 21st at the Mondadori Bookstore in Catania.

An unusual experience for a young artist always ready for new challenges. In fact, the release of the book at the same time as «Edo – Ultimo Atto», the sequel to the 2021 album «Edo» and farewell album to Edoardo Conte, preceded by the duet with Lda «Nun è cos», is not coincidental. Set in a dystopian scenario, the novel keeps the focus on the possible drifts of prevailing technology. In the plot, the contrast between the protagonists, Babylon and Zyon, personifies opposing polarities, in a world totally dominated by the virtual. To avoid being disabled for life, Zyon, a boy who lost his legs in an accident, would have to resort to UltraLegs, a new technology produced by the laboratories of the tycoon Mr. Elyiah. But the Amazon, Zyon's older sister, does not trust technology and joins a group of rebels who oppose the more toxic derivatives of Mr. Eliyah's projects. Babylon is Mr. Eliyah's son, and he is a victim of technology: addicted to virtual reality, he lives almost like a recluse. During a fateful event, the destinies of the three boys will cross. Babylon and the Amazon, like Romeo and Juliet, will find themselves linked by a feeling but separated by a clash bigger than them, and Zyon will have to choose a side, while Mr.Elyiah will continue to work on grander and more dangerous projects.
A passionate and engaging debut novel with a cinematic rhythm and strong emotions that leads us to reflect on today's world and the future, asking the important question about the fate of feelings and the need to defend what really matters to remain human.