Inappropriate batons on protesters, Meloni specifies: “Mattarella performs a guarantee function”


By John

«Sergio Mattarella is a figure of guarantee. The authority of the Head of State cannot be used to campaign against the premiership and for party interests. Lack of respect towards the President of the Republic.” He stated it Giorgia Meloni during the press point at the end of the meeting with Trudeau. The Prime Minister also expresses solidarity and esteem for the Head of State for these “incorrect” attempts to involve him.

“Whoever is serious knows very well that I have made a reform that deliberately does not affect the powers of the head of state, because I know that President Mattarella is a figure of guarantee, he is a unifying institution,” he continued. «The powers remain firm and unchanged», added Meloni, renewing «total esteem» for the head of state and «solidarity for the attempts to use him: the game is very clear to me, an attempt is being made to set up a clash with the president of Republic because the left doesn't know how to explain that it doesn't want citizens to choose who to represent them by.”