Industrial area of ​​San Ferdinando, the pyrolysis plant also stops


By John

Another dream soon shattered, another chance to revitalize the industrial area close to the port of Gioia Tauro vanished. The Tge company, which had taken over the site occupied by the Atlas at an auction years ago at the Court of Brescia, is in bankruptcy. Technically it is in the judicial liquidation phase pending before the bankruptcy section of the Civil Court of Palmi and the verification hearing with the creditors has already been set for June 11th.
This is a double failure, first of the Atlas symbol of the early 2000s for the desire to give the industrial area an important center for the treatment and coating of materials, and now of the Tge which had presented itself as a solid economic reality but which it soon “switched off the engines” in the large site visible from the road that connects the entrance to the port terminal and the Rosarno motorway junction.
The Tge was to become a site for the recovery of materials through the pyrolysis procedure. A pyrolysis plant carries out specific activities on waste through a decomposition of organic materials which materializes with the application of heat. A very complex process that can only be carried out by certain companies.