“Sport&Wellness” in Calabria: the presence of Torino ennobles the football tournament


By John

But the Asc Swell 2024 is not just entertainment and physical well-being, as the competitive aspect is also a central element. In fact, the youth football tournament is being held again which, every year, sees hundreds of kids from different parts of Italy take to the field. And it was a show of participation again this year with the contagious enthusiasm of the little protagonists who brought the joy of participating and also some interesting technical ideas to the field.
The numbers for the eighth edition are once again flattering and demonstrate the great attention shown by the companies towards the event. In particular, the tournament kicked off with the following companies at the starting line: Pro Bagnara, Academy Isola, Ivan Castiglia Football Academy, Real Cosenza, Ludos, Cantera Melicucco, Crescendo Crotone, Asd Campioni Cutro, Real Gebbione, Gatto e Lio Lamezia, Gioiese, Young Boys Palmi, Leukos, Real Taurianova, Atletico Crotone, Asd Sara Messina, Circolo Crucitti, Taurianova Academy, Tresilicese 2014, Real Bagnara, Bovalino Academy, Reggio Village, Asd Madonnina, Seles Gioiosa, Palmese, Olimpia 2000, Centro Reggio Junior, Real Bagnara, Mediterraneo. An army of young protagonists who faced each other on the field primarily with the desire to have fun.
The real gem this year is represented by Torino, testimony to the great interest developed at a national level, also involving top-flight clubs; the presence of a renowned club such as the Granata club confirms the importance of an event that wants to grow further in the coming years.
The large number of registered companies presented 68 teams, divided into eighteen groups.
The tournament, in fact, is being played in the following categories: Little Champions (2017), First Kicks (2014/2015), Pulcini (2012/2013), Debutants at 9 and 5 (2010/2011), Giovanissimi at 11 and 5 ( 2008/2009), Allievi at 11 and 5 (2006/2007) and, finally, Juniores at 5. Torino, in particular, is involved in the debutants' tournament at 9.
The finals of each category will be held tomorrow, on the final day of the event.