Infiltration into public health in Lamezia, 11 convictions requested on appeal


By John

Seven convictions and the confiscation of four companies were requested by the deputy general prosecutor of Catanzaro Raffaela Sforza in the “Quinta Bolgia” appeal process on the alleged interference of the ‘Ndrangheta gangs of Lamezia Terme in the management of the Giovanni Paolo II hospital. The companies “Rocca” and “Putrino”, according to the accusation, would have acquired the services of funeral home of the hospital, implementing illicit competition “with violence or threats” to the detriment of other companies and leveraging membership of gangs through its employees linked to organized crime, and in particular to the context of the Iannazzo-Cannizzaro consortium. Daponte. The defendants for whom confirmation of the sentence was requested are Franco Antonio Di Spenaemployee of Rocca Servizi, who was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in first instance; Giuseppe Perri, former general director of the Provincial Health Authority of Catanzaro (8 months); two namesakes, Diego Putrino, aged 41 and 57respectively, director of Putrino service srl and 95% shareholder and director of the other companies linked to the Putrino family, both sentenced in first instance to 9 years and 6 months; Pietro Putrinohead of the entrepreneurial group of the same name (11 years); Ugo Bernardo Rocca (9 years and 2 months) e Vincenzo Torcasio, employee of the Putrino company (9 years and 4 months). The companies whose confiscation was requested by the prosecutor Sforza are “La Pietà Putrino srl”, “Croce Rosa Putrino srl”, “Putrino Service srl” and “Rocca Servizi srl”. After the indictment, the civil parties: the Vescio funeral home company, represented by the lawyer Fernando Marrocco; the Calabria Region (lawyer Nicola Greco); the Antiracket Lametina association (lawyer Carlo Carere); the Provincial Health Authority of Catanzaro (lawyer Gaetano Callipo) and the Municipality of Lamezia Terme (lawyer Caterina Restuccia).