Insurance, Italy bringing up the rear: Farina (Ania) in Rimini hopes for public-private synergy


By John

“We have to be realistic: today the Italians make little insurance, very little, we are bringing up the rear in Europe, and this makes our country more fragile. While if we get to manage an integration between public and insurance services in a serious and transparent way, the country will certainly be more protected, people, families and businesses will be able to develop and the whole economy of the country”. the president of ANIA Maria Bianca Farina speaking at the Rimini Meeting. In the field of welfare, insurance “can support the public service but on condition that there is an integration of funding, public management but public and private resources side by side: these resources would be spent much better if they hinged on insurance mutualisation”. Farina explained that even in healthcare or natural disasters, “if there was a public-private partnership, things would change a lot”.