Towards Catanzaro-Ternana: in Lecce the stadium will have limited opening for the Serie B match


By John

The Catanzaro-Ternana match, scheduled for Sunday in the Lecce stadium, will be open to the public, albeit in a limited way. The Committee for public order and safety, meeting in the Prefecture in the Salento capital, has in fact guaranteed access to 1,500 Giallorossi supporters and 300 Ternana fans, according to procedures that will be communicated later. Pending the official communications, the company Us Catanzaro, with the president Floriano Noto, extends its thanks to the Ministry of the Interior and its territorial divisions for the sensitivity and availability shown also on this occasion which, reconciling the needs of public safety , have made it possible not to deprive the fans – albeit in small numbers – of the opportunity to attend what promises to be a beautiful day of sport, eagerly awaited in particular by the supporters of the Eagles, who have always distinguished themselves for their fairness in the stands and outside from stadiums. I also thank the Lega di Serie B and the president Mauro Balata, for having supported the opportunity to guarantee the fans of the two teams the possibility of attending a show which, without their presence, would lose much of its value.