Integrated plans and Pnrr, Messina accelerates


By John

Great attention but no alarmism. The spotlight is on the implementation of the Integrated Urban Plans, those projects on which the Italian metropolitan cities are focusing a lot and, in particular, that of Messina which has an investment of over 135 million euros at stake, the most significant in percentage compared to to the other metropolitan cities of the island, Palermo and Catania.
Last Thursday in Rome, at the end of the discussion requested by the minister Raffaele Fitto with the ANCI and the metropolitan mayors, it was decided that the integrated urban plans will remain under the umbrella of the funding of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, but the representative of the Meloni Government was clear: «The Municipalities will have to strictly respect the deadlines because the failure to implement even just one of the interventions risks compromising the European financing of the indicated measure, with consequent penalties”. Positive news, on the one hand, because in recent months the hypothesis of removing urban regeneration projects from the Pnrr had been mooted. On the other hand, however, now it’s up to the Municipalities and metropolitan cities, called to respect the rigorous deadlines. Minister Fitto asked the mayors to proceed quickly, “within seven days”, to update the monitoring data, to “allow an evaluation with the European Commission regarding the next actions to be taken” and anticipated that the Government intends to adopt a “ad hoc” provision, in which it will be clarified that, in the event of failure to achieve the objective, “the implementing entities will be called upon to contribute to the payment of the fine and to ensure the financing of the interventions deemed inadmissible”.