Intimidation and racketeering, funds to businesses from the Catanzaro Chamber of Commerce for the installation of video surveillance systems


By John

The Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia enters into a network with the Prefecture and law enforcement agencies in the prevention and combating of criminal phenomena. After the latest news episodes which have generated alarm among the population but above all among entrepreneurs affected by acts of intimidation, the Chamber of Commerce, in agreement with the Prefecture, Police Headquarters and Provincial Command of the Carabinieri, has defined a specific action within the framework of incentive programming to encourage the installation of video surveillance systems in commercial establishments.

The initiative was presented this morning during a press conference attended by the prefect of Catanzaro Enrico Riccithe police commissioner of Catanzaro Paolo Sirnathe provincial commander of the Carabinieri Giuseppe Mazzullo and lieutenant colonel Graziano Naccarellarepresenting the provincial commander of the Guardia di Finanza, Domenico Grimaldi.

Tomorrow the Chamber of Commerce will publish a notice for the granting of economic contributions aimed at small and medium-sized businesses operating in the territories of the provinces of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia to promote the installation of cameras, closed circuit video surveillance systems, video systems anti-robbery alarm designed for connection with public or private surveillance and emergency operations centres. These systems must consist of at least two cameras, of which at least one installed outdoors.

The measure is intended to represent a deterrent in order to contain and counter threats for intimidating purposes often perpetrated by means of damage to commercial establishments but above all to assist the police in the investigation activities on any episodes of extortion or racketeering by providing useful elements to the identification of the authors.

The Chamber of Commerce has allocated resources for this purpose for a total amount worth 50,000 euros under chapter 4 – “Territorial competitiveness”, “video surveillance tender” with a maximum payable contribution equal to 50% of the eligible expenditure up to a maximum of 1,500 euros per company. The contributions will be paid on a non-refundable basis to partially cover the expenses incurred for the investment.

«With this announcement we intend to support all entrepreneurs to allow them to obtain an effective and immediately usable tool to enable them to defend themselves and protect their commercial establishments from possible damage». This is what the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia declared, Pietro Falbo, at the opening of the works. «The recent escalation of extortion and intimidation incidents worries us but I am sure that through this new synergy with the police we will be able to provide an immediate response to the request for security that comes forcefully from the territory. I want to thank the prefect Enrico Ricci, the police commissioner Paolo Sirna, the provincial commander of the Carabinieri Giuseppe Mazzullo and the provincial commander of the Guardia di Finanza, Domenico Grimaldi for this collaboration which aims to represent a signal of presence and a message of trust towards the institutions”.

“Sharing is essential and is the real added value for an effective response to crime.” This is what the prefect of Catanzaro declared, Enrico Ricciduring the press conference. «This morning’s initiative is the result of the commitment of the Chamber of Commerce but it is the result of what was agreed on 12 October in the Committee for public order and security which was immediately convened following some episodes of acts of intimidation in the against entrepreneurs. On that occasion we witnessed a choral response from the police forces, institutions and the business world and this choral response is being transformed into concrete actions. Today’s is a concrete act that also arrives rather quickly and for this we are grateful to the Chamber of Commerce and the business world”.

«I hope that this initiative will be of benefit to the community and can represent a further element of development of these territories worthy of entering new markets and implementing their businesses» added the Catanzaro police commissioner, Paolo Sirna. «The project involves close coordination between law enforcement agencies, the Chamber of Commerce but also with other institutional bodies such as, for example, the labor inspectorate. In short, there was a combination of concerted efforts by several parties which produced this initiative and which the Chamber of Commerce brilliantly completed very quickly”.

«I join in the words of appreciation for the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce. The more synergistic the cohesion between institutional actors, the judiciary, the police, civil society and the business world, the stronger the response to combat crime” declared the lieutenant colonel of the Guardia di Finanza, Graziano Naccarella. «I believe that similar initiatives, of absolute merit, go precisely in this direction: a single response, a strong response from everyone».