Investee companies, “hot” autumn in Catanzaro between new appointments and industrial plans


By John

The main investee companies of Palazzo De Nobili enter a new phase, AMC and Catanzaro Servizi. After the changes at the head of the respective managements, with the appointment of the new sole directors (Eugenio Perrone in the place of Marco Azzarito Cannella And Gianluca Silipo in the place of Rosario Munizza), important and, especially for the second, probably decisive matches will open for the two clubs.
In the meantime, the industrial plans must be defined and presented, as required by the regulation governing the appointments of top management in the Municipality’s investee companies.
Then, as regards the company that deals with city mobility, the appointment of the new general director is awaited, for which the publication of the expression of interest by Perrone is awaited; the mandate of the current director Marco Correggia it was extended by three months on May 30th, so in the next few days, barring further extensions, the selective procedure should be finalized. This will complete the change of top management and the mayor Nicola Fiorita had hoped for last year: on that occasion, when his administration took office, in truth the mayor had hoped for spontaneous steps backwards on the part of the managers chosen by the Abramo administration, which then did not materialize due to new balances evidently built between the parties as the weeks went by.
The path of Catanzaro Servizi, however, is more complex. The sole director Silipo is in fact dealing with the activities that concern a investee company complex in its composition as well as in its “history”. The current one is a transition phase, with the prospect of the new service contract which must arrive by November 30th. The six-month technical extension decided by the City Council last May gives the municipal offices a substantial period of time to define future relationships with the company, in order to identify those areas in which the subsidiary can carry out “useful” services in favor of the organization but also guarantee greater profitability.