Investments for Calabria, the President of the Regional Council Mancuso met Minister Salvini in Rome


By John

Of the investments of over 13.4 billion destined for mobility “to make Calabria more connected, modern and competitive”, of the 3 billion for the modernization of the ‘SS 106’ and “of the protection of one of the most important logistics platforms in the Mediterranean and Europe what is the Port of Gioia Tauro, essential for the development of the South and the country, was discussed during a meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport between the minister and vice prime minister Matteo Salvini and the President of the Regional Council of Calabria.

“It was the traditional exchange of greetings with Minister Salvini, but also – he states Filippo Mancuso – the opportunity to thank the Minister for the great attention he reserves to the South and in particular to Calabria, making resources available to us that were once unimaginable”.

He adds: “And it was also the opportunity, in my capacity as a party exponent, to inform Salvini on the precious role that the League has played in two years of regional legislature, as well as on the projects to be implemented, from here on out, counting on commitment of the Minister and the Government, to ensure future prospects for the region”.

Finally: “I also wanted to reiterate to the Minister the full sharing of the Strait Bridge infrastructure which, once built, restoring strategic centrality in the international scenario to Calabria and Sicily, will transform economic and social marginality into opportunities for sustainable development and social growth for this part of the South”.