Acr Messina, a 2023 experienced on a roller coaster


By John

Like a film already seen. Messina’s 2023 brings with it a miraculous salvation signed (once again) by a man from Messina, a summer full of doubts, second thoughts, negotiations and fears and a first part of the new season that is not simple. This time, however, with an identifiable technical project, albeit not without controversy and mixed results.

The January Revolution

Messina is last, -12 behind Gelbison who would be safe without going through the playouts. Dramatic sporting situation. January, however, rhymes with revolution: sporting director Pasquale Logiudice arrives, Ezio Raciti joins Cinelli and embraces Ermanno Fumagalli, immediately beats Virtus Francavilla and then also welcomes Kragl, Perez and Ferrara, with the German immediately scoring in the survival challenge against Viterbese won 3-1. Ibou Balde knocks out Avellino and January ends with the prestigious 1-1 with the undisputed league leaders Catanzaro.

The test of 9

Nino Ragusa is the hit sensation (soon renamed the “Maradona of Serie C” of a transfer market completed by the arrivals of Helder Balde, Celesia, Salvo and Ortisi. It’s an away Messina: comeback draw with Giugliano, victories with Gelbison ( double from a super Kragl) and Latina; at home, however, narrow defeats with Audace Cerignola and Monopoli and a goalless draw with Fidelis Andria.

Final rush

Another good point at Monterosi and Messina out of the playouts for the first time after the victories signed by Ibou Balde against Pescara and Potenza. The defeats against Turris and Foggia and the draw against Picerno change everything. Once again. The victory against Juve Stabia signed by Ferrini still gives hopes of direct salvation, but on the last day we go to Taranto.

Fear and Loathing

At the “Iacovone” Messina wasted the great opportunity with Kragl who had the first penalty awarded to the biancoscudati of the season saved. The 0-0 is worth the playout with Gelbison, but the break causes havoc. The interval of the match in Taranto is turbulent, the phones are “hot”, Raciti is not there when training resumes, but then the issue is resolved. Result? Messina defenseless and beaten 1-0 by Gelbison. The rest is history: Nino Ragusa’s kick and Fumagalli’s miracles in a “Franco Scoglio” full of joy are worth salvation.

Sciotto leaves… or rather no

President Sciotto puts Messina up for sale and announces that he will not register the team in Serie C in the event of failure to sell. The usual months pass, between meetings with the mayor Basile and the exhausting negotiations with Fabrizio Mannino, made up of low blows, hesitations and second thoughts. In the end nothing changes: Sciotto remains on his Messina and completes his registration for the championship.

Back to the past

It’s the usual race against time. The new coach is Giacomo Modica, the sporting director is Domenico Roma and the revolution is still around the corner: almost all the protagonists of salvation say goodbye, only Fumagalli, Ferrara, Ragusa, Ortisi and Salvo remain, some overs arrive looking for redemption and many under waiting for consecration.

Promising start

Messina debuts with draws against Audace Cerignola and Turris, loses at Francavilla, beats Avellino and also loses at Sorrento. But, beyond the results, we like the play expressed by the team that drew with Casertana and beat Giugliano, but stumbled after the 1-1 draw in Picerno. There are 6 defeats in seven games which confirm the doubts about the quality of part of the squad available to Giacomo Modica.

The “gem” of the derby

11 points in the standings, like the previous year with Auteri on the bench, but Messina has the strength to get back up. He wins the direct clash at Monterosi’s home and also beats Catania 1-0 with Emmausso’s goal: great joy for the fans who have never failed to give their contribution to the team, before the draws with Potenza and Monopoli which close 2023.