Irregular weapons, flurry of complaints in Reggino


By John

Over 200 checks, 30 administrative measures, 2 precautionary withdrawals and as many reports to the judicial authorities, this is the summary of the activity undertaken by the Carabinieri of the Roccella Jonica Company over the last few weeks against the owners of firearms.

The checks, aimed at verifying the regularity of possession and the correct methods of storage of weapons, ammunition and explosive material, are aimed at holders of hunting and sporting permits, as well as simple holders of weapons.

During the course of the activity, in Marina di Gioiosa Jonica the Carabinieri reported a woman for illegally possessing a 7.65 caliber pistol with related ammunition, which belonged to her father during her lifetime, but which she never reported to the authorities; in Stilo the Carabinieri have reported a man for failure to keep his weapons, found outside the safe where they should be kept. Throughout the territory of the Carabinieri Company of Roccella Jonica, dozens of warnings were issued for the regularization of medical certifications, mandatory in order to legitimately possess weapons, proceeding with the withdrawal of the same from those who no longer met the requirements; particularly There is a frequent case of elderly people in possession of a gun license that has expired for years, who sometimes turned out to be unaware of the obligation to undergo periodic medical examinations to maintain their suitability to possess weapons. Numerous people, no longer interested in owning weapons, have decided to pay them in at the Carabinieri stations.