Controversy mounts on the ESM. The opposition: request for hearing for Giorgetti. The minister: yes but only on maneuver


By John

On the possibility that there is an ‘Italy case’ in Europe on the ESM, the leader of the League Matteo Salvini he said “no, absolutely”. «The Italian economy is solid – he added -, we are growing more than the French and the Germans. The ESM was a useless, unused, outdated and harmful tool. An Italian pensioner or worker would have had to pay to save a German bank, so Parliament exercised its democratic right to reject a useless and harmful instrument and the spread fell. We did what we had to do to defend the jobs and savings of Italians.”

Salvini in Milan, responding to those who asked him for a comment on the minister’s position Giancarlo Giorgetti who said there was an interest in the approval of the ESM, said: «As a bargaining chip over something else, that’s probably true, but it was a coherent choice. The League has always had the same idea for 10 years now. We have always voted in the same way – added Salvini – and the Government had a compact majority. Forza Italia’s abstention was widely communicated and does not represent any problem. We did what was right to do, I’m absolutely proud of it.”

Meanwhile, in addition to the Democratic Party, it is specified, M5s, Iv and Action have also asked – with the same letter to the president of the commission – the“urgent and necessary” hearing of the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, on the Stability Pact and the ESM. The minister has indicated his willingness to speak in the House Budget Committee next Wednesday, 27 December. However, it is specified that his participation will be exclusively focused on the budget law and not on the Stability Pact or the ESM, as requested this morning by the opposition. However, there is an openness to reporting on these issues in other sessions.