Israel announces a “tactical pause” in southern Gaza. But for Netanyahu it is “unacceptable”


By John

Tough clash in Israel between the government and the army. The IDF rejected criticism of the suspension of fighting near the Gaza humanitarian corridor, as well as claims that the political class was not informed of the decision. Haaretz reports it. The army stated that ‘the decision is military‘ and that Netanyahu had recently instructed security chiefs to increase aid to Gaza and allow safer access for aid workers in light of the new International Court of Justice hearing and incidents in which aid workers were killed by fire IDF.

The Israeli army announced today “a tactical pause” in the southern Gaza Strip but Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office said that “when the prime minister heard the news on Sunday morning of a humanitarian pause in fighting for 11 hours per day, he told his military secretary that this was unacceptable.” Haaretz reports this, adding that after the clarification “the prime minister was informed that there is no change in IDF policy and that the fighting in Rafah will continue as planned”.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it will implement a daily “tactical pause” in military activity in part of the southern Palestinian enclave during daylight hours to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid. The IDF declared in a statement that the stop “for humanitarian purposes will take place every day from 8am to 7pm until further notice along the road leading from the Kerem Shalom crossing to Salah al-Din Road and then north”.

The Israeli army announced that two more soldiers were killed yesterday in combat in the northern Gaza Strip. The 28-year-old and 49-year-old members of the 129th battalion of the 8th reserve armored brigade died when a bomb was detonated against their tank, explain the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), quoted by local media. Two other soldiers were seriously injured in the attack. The toll of soldiers killed yesterday in the Palestinian enclave therefore rises to ten. Eight had died in the southern city of Rafah: according to Arab media, Hamas fighters had ambushed their armored vehicle and hit it with rocket launchers; the IDF for their part speak of “an explosive device placed in the area or the fire of anti-tank missiles”.

The police have released the Haaretz newspaper photographer arrested last night during an anti-government demonstration in Tel Aviv: Israeli media report that Itay Ron was freed about an hour after being stopped. Videos posted on social media showed the reporter grabbed by an officer and pushed towards a bus of arrestees, despite pleas from passers-by that he was a journalist. Ron is one of 12 people arrested for alleged breaches of public order.

Qatar-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says the terror group’s response to the latest proposed Gaza ceasefire and hostage deal is “consistent” with US President Joe Biden’s principles. Haniyeh gave a speech on television on the occasion of the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha. The Times of Israel reports it. Biden said he does not expect a ceasefire and hostage release agreement for Gaza to be reached in the near future, saying Hamas needs to shift its position closer to Israel’s US-backed proposal.