“It’s okay to be different” on stage in Montalto between dance, autism and schools


By John

Emotions, smiles. And a lot of emotion for a true, everyday story brought to the stage. The project is called “It’s OK to be different”; the story instead is that of Francesco Tenuta, a special boy who strongly wanted, more than anything else, to dance and be the protagonist together with his friends in a dance school. Despite everything, despite his difficulties.

“Autism is not a disability, it is a different ability”, reads the initiative’s slogan. In Montalto Uffugo, in the Taverna area, the maestro Antonio De Luca which took care of the entire organizational part while the artistic part is from the Ilaria Dima Dance Center. Show already staged last April, strongly supported by Ilaria Dima Dance Center and the “Incontrarti” association of Elvira Ferraro and who today intended to propose to the students of the local institute, “Emilio Bianco”, a thank you to the school director Gemma Faraco and all the teaching staff who accepted the invitation, a theatrical piece, at the Palatenda, with which to represent the true story of Francesco and his full inclusion, participation and involvement in the daily life of the school.

A truly exciting theatrical show. The protagonists, Davide Carpino narrator, Francesco Tenuta special boy and Alessio Rende another splendid special boy accompanied the dance troupe made up of young people and girls from the Ilaria Dima Dance Center. The choreography was handled by Ilaria Dima, Giusy Iantorno and Alessandro Ruffo. The text of the story is by Ilaria Dima e Maria Grazia Annesi, as well as the direction by Ilaria Dima herself. “We are all truly happy with how the reality that happens every day in our school was brought to the stage. And we are equally proud of the participation, so important of the children, which garnered consensus and applause”, says teacher Antonio De Luca in the margin.

“We thank those who made all this possible, those who also organized the Christmas markets, the ANSPI association in the name of the president Silvio Ranieri. All together we accomplished something important. Inclusion cannot and must not remain just a word left to its fate, without commitments. But normality for everyone is our bet”, the words of the protagonists.