NASA, November 2023 is the hottest ever recorded: human influence on the climate


By John

Last month went down in the history books as the warmest November on record according to data from Gistemp, the temperature database of NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This achievement is not isolated, but marks the culmination of a trend that has seen this autumn (September-November) be the warmest on record.

The data collected shows a worrying increase in global temperatures, a phenomenon that scientists attribute to human influence on the climateto. The latest set of temperature records confirms the long-term warming trend affecting our planet, a trend that appears to show no signs of slowing.

The deviation of the global average temperature for November 2023 was 1.44°C higher than the November average in the reference period 1951-1980. This temperature increase, which may seem small in absolute numbers, is actually significant in terms of climate impact and represents a wake-up call for the scientific community and policy makers.

These data not only confirm concerns regarding climate change, but also highlight the urgency of adopting effective measures to counteract the deleterious effects of human activities on the environment. The continuous rise in global temperatures is a reminder of everyone’s responsibility, both individually and collectively, to act in a concrete and sustainable way towards our planet.