Jealousy, beatings and violence against his partner even in front of his newborn daughter: 24-year-old arrested in Crotone


By John

The agents of the Flying Squad have executed a precautionary custody order, under house arrest with the application of an electronic bracelet, against a twenty-four year old man, investigated for the crimes of family abuse, stalking and personal injurywho is accused of having verbally and physically attacked his cohabiting partner, with repeated conduct, even in the presence of his newborn daughter.
The precautionary measure was issued following the complaint filed by the woman, who found the strength to report the abuse and violence suffered over the last two years; From the beginning of the relationship, the man was apparently violent and extremely jealous, with oppressive and offensive behaviour, even hitting his partner.

The precise declarations of the offended person, also confirmed by some objective elements, led the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Crotone to request an adequate precautionary measure from the Judge for Preliminary Investigations, which was issued and immediately notified to the suspect.