Reggio, the Court’s decision: no precautionary measures for the former regional councilor Alessandro Nicolò


By John

No obligation, nor any residual precautionary measure, against Alessandro Nicolò, the former regional councilor of Calabria involved and arrested in 2019 as part of the “Black Book” investigation by the anti-mafia prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, where he is accused of having been “the representative of the ‘Ndrangheta Libri gang” in exchange for electoral support. The Collegiate Court of Reggio has in fact revoked the measures “of the obligation to stay at home from 8pm to 8am” and “the obligation to stay in the municipality of residence” which had been ordered against him on 7 December 2021, and after having suffered detention in prison since 31 July 2019. The Reggio politician, a member of the Brothers of Italy until the “Black Book” operation phase, is defended by lawyers Renato Milasi and Corrado Politi of the Reggio Calabria Court.
The Court’s decision is based on the lack of precautionary needs in the current situation.