Kiev: bombs on Kherson throughout the night, one woman died. “Erdogan will propose an early ‘ceasefire’ to Putin”


By John

Russian army shelled Kherson (in southern Ukraine) all night long, 59-year-old woman died from artillery shelling at her home, there are injured, including some rescuers who were putting out a fire that broke out after the explosions. This was reported by the Ukrainian authorities quoted by the media. The head of the presidential office Andry Yermak posted a photo showing the flames after the Russian attack. “A tough night for Kherson. The Russian army continued to cover the houses of Kherson residents in the central part of the city with fire,” the head of the regional military district Alexander Prokudin wrote in Telegram. The regional police said that around 1 am, Russian troops hit a residential building. Half an hour later, the shelling resumed. At three in the morning a new attack.

‘Erdogan will propose an early ceasefire to Putin’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to propose resuming peace talks on Ukraine to reach an early ceasefire during scheduled talks with Vladimir Putin soon, he told Russia’s state news agency Ria Novosti a source from the Ankara administration. “Erdogan will offer his mediation by reiterating the thesis that there will be no winners in the war and no losers in the peace process,” the source said, calling the Turkish president “the only world leader” who enjoys Putin’s “sincere trust” and Zelensky”.