La Cumbre volcano erupting: state of alert in the Galapagos archipelago


By John

State of alert in the Galapagos archipelago, Ecuador, due to the eruption of the La Cumbre volcano, located on Fernandina island. Although the area is not inhabited, the management of the Galapagos National Park still issued the alarm.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, which is accompanying the evolution of the situation, has meanwhile announced that monitoring will be carried out to record any changes in the ecosystem, since «eruptions are part of the natural cycle of islands and influence the particular ecology and biodiversity.”

According to the ministry, the eruption does not pose a threat to tourism and the sites accessible to visitors have not been closed. Government authorities also explained that it is not known how long the phenomenon will last, nor whether the material ejected from the volcano will reach the sea.