Messina, the Council has decided: Croce is “safe”. Those against the forfeiture win by one vote. Political case among the Deluchians


By John

The city council decided to consider the counterarguments presented by Maurizio Croce valid to the dispute of presumed ineligibility or incompatibility. Thus, the process that was started by the Chamber in mid-February and which had left Croce faced with the possibility of decaying comes to an end. The vote ended as follows: 12 in favor of forfeiture, 13 against. In fact, the absences in the majority that supports the Basile administration are decisive and, in particular, according to the rumors in the chamber, those of the councilors closest to the deputy from the South calls North Alessandro De Leo. This is why a political case could now be opened entirely within the De Luca area. Once this phase is concluded, another game could begin on the Croce case: that of the excessive number of absences, also contested by two resolution proposals, one presented by the Democratic Party and one by the president of the city council Nello Pergolizzi. And then there is the issue of the possible judicial queue: Alessandro Russo, a member of the Democratic Party (who followed the work at Palazzo Zanca) is ready to turn to the ordinary Court, as the first contender for Croce's position in the Council.