Lamezia, budget and public works: majority absent in the Chamber, the City Council is skipped


By John

The usual refrain, the usual melina, many expressions could be used for the city council meeting which was canceled yesterday afternoon due to lack of a quorum. A déjà vu that we have been witnessing for months now: the majority does not have sufficient numbers and is postponing the council work to the second meeting of the meeting in order to dismiss the various procedures even with a limited presence of the councillors.
Yesterday’s session was called for 1.30pm, Prime Minister Giancarlo Nicotera waited a few minutes to make the first appeal which saw the presence of two majority councilors in the chamber: Annalisa Spinelli and Giovanni Saladini, both from Noi Moderati . On the opposition benches are the councilors Rosario Piccioni (Lamezia Bene Comune), Mimmo Gianturco (Lamezia first of all), Lucia Cittadino (Nuova Era), Pietro Gallo and Antonio Lorena (Fratelli d’Italia), Dario Arcieri (Azione). After a few minutes the president of the civic assembly repeated the appeal, noting the presence of the same councilors and therefore the lack of a quorum. The session, on second call, is adjourned to this afternoon at 3.30 pm. Two very important points are on the agenda: the updating of the public works plan scheduled until 2025 and the general adjustment of the financial statements.

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