Lamezia, institutional “chaos” in the Council: works worth 200 million at risk


By John

The climate is very tense. Over the months, the internal injuries of the majority have become real fractures, which for some will be difficult to heal. Even if the “confused” state that reigns among the benches does not only concern the majority. It is undeniable that institutional anarchy reigns among the benches of the city Assembly. Councilors elected with civic lists in support of Mayor Mascaro have been in the de facto opposition for months while remaining in the majority, others ferried into minority parties, and still others becoming “ghosts”, who appear and disappear depending on what to vote for in the Chamber. Councilors of Forza Italia who do not vote for the president of the auditors who is the right-hand man of President Occhiuto and majority councilors who vote for the candidate presented by the opposition.
In short, a confusion that had probably never occurred in the history of the Municipality. In all this chaos, the city council is called to approve the budget estimate, which is essential to be able to continue the council. And yes, because if in the next session there aren’t the numbers to approve the Single Planning Document and then the budget, the Council will go home. Which means yet another commissionership for a Municipality that is barely trying to get back on top.
Years of tears and blood that could make the city sink for the umpteenth time. And who would benefit from this? Certainly partisan or personal interests cannot prevail over those of an entire city. Also because this is not what the Lametini people who the councilors voted for want.