Lamezia, majority at risk of implosion after Annalisa Spinelli’s statements


By John

«It is now certified that the crisis of the majority is such that, even on fundamental acts for the life of the city, Mascaro no longer has the numbers to face a council meeting on first call. Recourse to the second call, which, as is known, allows for the presence of a smaller number of directors for purposes of validity, has now become a practice to the point that we can now speak of Mascaro as a second call”. These are the caustic considerations of the adviser Pigeon Rosary (Lamezia Common Good). Regarding the council meeting a few days ago, the exponent of the opposition affirms: «The most important political step is constituted by the intervention of the councilor Annalisa Spinelli whose declarations represent a veritable ‘political bomb’, the explosion of which will have devastating effects for the Mascaro majority».
As you will recall, Spinelli clearly said that he will vote on each case following his personal judgment and no longer aligning himself with the directives of the majority. «With her declarations, Annalisa Spinelli was the first exponent of the majority to demonstrate intellectual honesty and a sense of responsibility towards her constituents, certifying a political datum that, primarily Mascaro’s supporters, repeat every day: there is no more none of that civic enthusiasm that had led so many people to believe in the current mayor’s project». Piccioni points out: «My colleague Spinelli recognized that the dream of being able to change the future of the city for the better has turned into the worst of nightmares represented by the impossibility of giving citizens answers, even the simplest ones. A sense of impotence and resignation has emerged which shows that the king is naked». According to the leader of “Lamezia common good” what was said by the majority councilor confirms “the situation of a city in trouble, without ordinary management and without any vision. With a state of urban decorum and hygiene which, from the center to the suburbs, especially in the last few summer weeks, is a cause of discomfort for citizens and an eyesore for tourists and visitors».