Messina, market in turmoil. DS Rome: “Five new players to complete the squad”


By John

The Messina market is waiting to take off with the latest operations that will have to give definitive shape to next season’s roster: «five strokes, three overs and two unders». These are the pieces promised by the sporting director Dominic Rome: «We have identified what we need, we prefer to wait and get to what we want, rather than fall back on alternative routes. It would have been easier to immediately take what the market was offering, perhaps avoiding criticism, but waiting is synonymous with wanting to do things right, even if not everyone likes it. We started with a delay of 40 days compared to the others, but we are trying to take advantage of the postponement of the start of the Serie C championship so as not to miss the crucial choices».

Defence. Messina will still focus on playing time, also for this reason it would have been decided to give priority to the choice of the under. Awaiting the definitive closure for the 2001 class, Giorgio Brogni, Atalanta school, first choice for the left wing: “We are close, only the bureaucratic steps are missing”. Cesena’s Antonio David (2004) was also popular, but with Tropea (2001) having already arrived from Empoli there is now only room for another addition. Watch out for the right wing, because an overweight could get there too: the reason is that at the moment we’re only starting from Lia, given that mister Modica intends to use Polito as a centre-back, taking advantage of an aggressive advance step. In front of Fumagalli (Daga could greet, opening the doors to the landing of a new second), therefore, at the moment the former Potenza are considered eligible for enlistment besides Ferrara and Manetta. We are evaluating the membership of Darini (2002), aggregated to the team: in case he doesn’t convince, there would already be an alternative route identified. But also watch out for an over-different interpreter in terms of characteristics, left-footed: the designated is Filippo Pacciardi, born in 1995, currently free after his experience at Recatanese, who arrived in the last few hours in Sila.

Midfield. “The positions we look for are always the same, I can add that we have well-established discussions with two players, we believe we will be able to close in the short term,” added Roma. The names that have been circulating in recent weeks: Messina follows, among others, Mungo, Welbeck and Maldonado. For Domenico Franco, the agreement would in fact have been found, but the four-match disqualification that he would bring with him from his last experience at Lucchese “hangs”. Armored boxes under with Frisenna, Buffa, Ortisi and Scafetta.

Attack. In the viewfinder, as written a few weeks ago, there would be a striker leaving Serie B. For the role of offensive end, Plescia always remains among the names at the top of the list and Bernardotto has been proposed. No feedback, however, on Caturano. Are we talking about the budget, to make ends meet, or are the assessments of a different nature? «The reasoning is not of an economic nature. I’ve learned from managers more experienced than me, that to do good business you can also resort to players who may have failed a season but have certain production and team characteristics in their DNA. You can do badly in a vintage for reasons that go beyond one’s own qualities, whether they are environmental or personal. We have clear ideas on what to do, we are waiting for the right moment». And hopefully it will arrive soon, so as to be able to aggregate these elements as soon as possible to the team, which in the meantime continues to work without figures who should occupy “slots” as owners or in any case as protagonists. On the wingers with Ragusa (there is no interest from Lecco, the captain is considered central to the project and highly appreciated for the approach taken), Emmausso, Cavallo and Zunno (waiting for the official status), nothing else should come. There is also Iannone on which, however, there are “surveys” of some companies that could be taken into consideration.
Is Rome satisfied with what has been done so far? «I’m used to judging when the work is finished, if everything we have planned will succeed, I will be. Right now I’m just thinking about working hard.”