Lamezia, the center parties will tip the political balance


By John

The electoral campaign has now begun. And the two centre-right and centre-left camps are trying to find a solution, first of all trying to find themselves as individual parties and then to think of possible allies. In all of this, the center parties, the more moderate ones, who will be able to choose which side to take, will act as the balance of power.
Like for example the “Action” party, established in the city a few months ago. The city coordination of the Calenda party has already communicated «the broad availability for dialogue and discussion with all the political forces of the city, with associations, citizens and subjects attentive to their needs and to a realistic and sustainable future project.” A necessary declaration after the invitation to the center-left table convened by the Democratic Party in recent days. “Action”, which elected the provincial secretary, will soon also have to elect the city leaders of the party: only after having “democratically elected our representatives at every level – they highlighted – will we decide if and when to participate in every meeting that is important to us the fate of the city, keeping in mind that we will continue to work to build a political project that is as responsive as possible to the needs of citizens and the growth of the city.”