Violent storm on the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza: overflowing streams and mud on the roads


By John

A violent storm hit the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza about an hour ago. There was some damage but not major. From the sea – where people were crowded to enjoy the last hours of a hot weekend – it was a general escape. Result? State road 18 was overrun by tourists and there were long queues towards the junction for Cosenza.
Some streams have overflowed carrying a flow of mud on the roads and then poured into the sea which has turned brown. Various inconveniences have also been recorded in the beaches and in the low-lying areas of the town with flooded basements and garages. Sant’Agata and the maritime area – including the station area – remained flooded for a few hours. Some roads have been closed to traffic to remove mud from the roadway.