Local police of Reggio, still complaints for fraudulent use of passes for disabled people and illegal occupation of properties


By John

The Local Police's battle against the fraudulent use of permits for disabled people and more is an all-out battle. In the last few days they have indeed been three permits withdrawn, two of which are invalid and one presumably false by the authorities and referred for the crimes of use of a false document or complicity in the falsification of 4 people of various social backgrounds; proving the transversality of the phenomenon.
They were also theTwo individuals who had illegally occupied a public residential building were identified.
To protect urban decorum, 10 vehicles were removed, 7 of which were wrecked and three without insurance coverage.
The local police is also making an important operational effort to guarantee fair competition in the sectors of rental with driver and taxis, especially to and from the airport. And just yesterday, following a targeted service, it was identified and subjected to administrative detention in a 9-seater vehicle illegally used for rental with driver. The administrative fine imposed was over one thousand euros, the vehicle was stopped and the registration document was withdrawn. In the coming years the services will be intensified in view of the approaching summer season.