Mammoliti (Pd) on the reform of the reclamation consortia: “You cannot bend the functioning of the institutions to the will of the majority”


By John

Have the courage to give the word back to the citizens or say clearly who would be the regional councilors who do not allow President Occhiuto to carry on his government action. It is certainly not allowed to bend the functioning of democratic institutions to the mere logic of the majority.
What happened yesterday during the session of the sixth council commission which had on the agenda the bill concerning the reform of the reclamation consortia presented by the Regional Council. StOn the same issue, the Pd group had presented a bill on 23 May 2023 which, inexplicably, was never scheduled. In any case, on the basis of the internal regulation of the Council (art. 69), the combined examination should have been carried out.
Furthermore, it is necessary to point out the unusualness that occurred in the positive and legitimate hearing of the various actors at a later time, however, with respect to the deadline for the presentation of the amendments, set for 11 am. This attitude – which I stigmatize – is in line with many other provisions and/or legislative passages which have sometimes taken place without the passage of the appropriate Commissions and often without the democratic involvement of the various actors. I’m thinking of the Multiutility, of Azienda Zero, Sacal, forest fires and purification, while for other measures such as those concerning gambling or the substitute councilor, the majority councilors have been forced to adopt barbine figures.
It is a way of proceeding that harms the role of the Council and the Commissions and disrespectful to the Calabrian voters themselves. It is necessary immediately to restore and guarantee full respect for the functioning of the institutional bodies. I therefore hope for the proper attention and interest of the Prime Minister, hoping that the majority directors will show a real leap of dignity, because in the passage of the Council meeting convened for 3 August which will discuss the reform of the Consortia, the role and the function of all the regional councilors of Calabria.