Meloni government, the reshuffle after the European elections begins: possible exit of seven ministers


By John

A major government reshuffle immediately after the European elections now seems more than likely. On pole for substitutions Raffaele Fitto who would be “promoted” in Brussels and in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's plans he could occupy the position of vice president with responsibility for Defence. There is talk of “career advancement” in the EU also for two other government members, namely Giancarlo Giorgetti and Adolfo Urso.

Among the “failed”, however, Daniela Santanch√®for the Visibilia affair, and there is also talk of Carlo Nordio

Possible changes also within the League could arrive based on the results of the European elections, especially if the consultations recorded a drop in votes such as to cast doubt on the leadership of Matteo Salvini and a good exploit by Forza Italia.