University of Messina, the first course for trusted consultants begins


By John

Harassment, for it to be such, does not necessarily have to be physical. Even the psychological ones, the pressures put in place by those in a position of power, which intimidates almost by definition, hurt a lot. Abuse, to all intents and purposes, which is all too frequent in every environment, including public administration, including the university world, where certain imbalances often end up bordering on intimidation. Phenomena against which one can defend oneself in a better and more convincing way thanks to a professional figure created specifically: the trusted consultant. And the University of Messina, among the pioneer universities in establishing this figure internally (the first was the lawyer Carmen Currò in 2005), now it will be the first in the South (e the second in Italy, after Verona) to start a specialization course in “Trusted Consultant: tools for preventing and combating the phenomenon of harassment in the workplace”. The inaugural day will be held today (at 3 pm, in the Hall of the Peloritana Academy of Pericolanti. And to cut the ideal ribbon, in addition to the University's current trusted advisor, Mariella Crisafulliwill be the rector Giovanna Spatariparticularly proud of this step.

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