Messina, arrested several times for theft and injuries: a 33-year-old Bulgarian removed


By John

A citizen of Bulgarian nationality is the recipient of the order of expulsion from the national territory for imperative reasons of public security, issued by the Prefect of Messina at the request of the Police Commissioner of Messina.

The ban on entry and residence for the EU citizen arises from a careful assessment, carried out on the basis of the investigative activity of the Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters, regarding the man's conduct, 33 years old, homeless, with a criminal record and numerous police prejudices accrued in the past years.

In fact, convictions have been recorded against him for the crime of aggravated theft, driving while intoxicated and further crimes against the life or safety of the person, such as threats, damage, personal injury.

Repeatedly reported to the competent Administrative Authority as habitual user of narcotic substances, as he was found several times in possession of “crack”, in the months of last March and April alone, the thirty-three-year-old was reported for the crime of aggravated theft against city commercial activities and, subsequently, arrested by the Flying policemen in flagrante delicto for theft against a housewares shop on 14 April and again against a bar meeting place on 19 April.

Furthermore, following the events of last April, the Judicial Authority issued a residence ban in the municipality of Messina, a precautionary measure violated several times.

On the basis of the evaluation of the aforementioned conduct, often united by a predatory nature directed against commercial establishments in the city centre, as a situation of serious danger for public order and safety emerged, on the proposal of the Messina Police Commissioner, the aforementioned provision.

Therefore, last May 24th, the staff of the Messina Police Headquarters, after validation by the competent Judicial Authority, executed the expulsion order from the national territory: the Bulgarian citizen was banned from re-entering Italy for the next 5 years.