Messina, Boldrini meets the expropriators of Torre Faro: “No one in Sicily and Calabria wants this bridge” VIDEO


By John

He met a group of residents, listened to their concerns, ensuring closeness in the fight against the Bridge. Laura Boldrini, former president of the Chamber, now MP and president of the Chamber's permanent committee on human rights in the world, chose Torre Faro for a meeting in view of the European elections. With Maria Flavia Stamp, Messina candidate of the Democratic Party, spoke with a group of residents. «They are families – she says – who will lose their homes which will be destroyed, people who have made sacrifices, who perhaps have lived there for generations and who are chased away without a prospect.

This is a bridge project, it is extremely harmful, it should not be done, it is harmful to the environment, to the ecosystem, you just need to look at the beauty of this place to understand it and then it is risky because it is in a highly seismic area, it will not bring any benefit from an economic and tourist point of view”. «We need to take into account – he adds – the infrastructures which in Sicily are inadequate. No one in Sicily and Calabria wants this Bridge, only Salvini wants it because it attests to his presence alive from a political point of view. We have a healthcare system that needs investment.

The Bridge is a project that should not be done, we will be close to these people who are fighting to keep their homes, in such a beautiful place you cannot build a monster that has nothing to do with this ecosystem.” A passage also on the amendment to the security bill presented by the League: “It is very dangerous and liberticidal.” Maria Flavia Timbro instead focused on the risk of abstention in the elections: «There is a lot of silence regarding these elections – she acknowledges – it is important to make citizens understand that they are not voting only for the representatives of the parties but for two models of Europe, the sovereignist and repressive and democratic and supportive, citizens are called to choose which model of Europe they want”