Messina city council, the “South calls North” group is formed


By John

The “South calls North” group was formed yesterday within the city council; they are part of it Nicoletta D’Angelo group leader, Salvatore Papa, Margherita Milazzo and Antonella Feminò. It is, in fact, a shuffling of cards within the team headed by Cateno De Luca

Nicoletta D’Angelo

“We will work in synergy with the other groups that are part of the Basile Administration, the primary objective is to give our contribution through a good and healthy policy, which gives positive responses to the city. I thank my colleagues for the trust they have placed in my comparisons indicating me as group leader”.

Margherita Milazzo

“It is important that our party is also represented in the City Council. Last but not least, I was also an auditor in the A.RIS.ME’ deed of incorporation and I take this as a good omen so that South Calls North can grow more and more “.

Salvatore Pope

“A great moment of political growth. A great group synergy. Thanks to our leader Cateno De Luca. South calls North lands in the City Council after having been a protagonist at a national level and soon in Europe, the result of the good policy of sacrifice and commitment of all”.

Antonella Feminò

“So from yesterday South calls North will also be represented in the City Council, proud to be part of it. I am sure that the collaboration with colleagues will be concrete and will give the right attention to the needs of the citizens who continue to support us also in our choices. It is a great starting moment. The group in support of the Basile Administration is the result of team work that aims to leave the imprint of good politics. Thanks to my group leader Nicoletta D’ Angelo who in choosing to support our leader Cateno De Luca continues the advance of the politics of good doing”.

There are now three “Deluchian” groups: South calls North, precisely, Basile Mayor (group leader Francesco Cipolla) and Con De Luca for Basile (group leader Pippo Trischitta). A useful change for some positions in the commissions, but which does not change the general picture of the balance of power in the city council.