Shakira settles for a fine of 7 million euros to avoid prison


By John

The Colombian singer Shakira reached a agreement with the Spanish public prosecutor as part of the trial that opened this morning in Barcelona for tax fraud: basically the singer has agreed to a millionaire fine and in exchange she will avoid the risk of going to jail.

Colombian star Shakira admitted to having defrauded the Spanish Treasury of 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014 and negotiated the sentence: after weeks of negotiations, the singer reached an agreement with her accusers which provides for a three-year prison sentence and the payment of a fine of 7 million euros.

In exchange for accepting the facts, the agreement radically reduces Shakira’s required sentence (which was initially eight years and two months in prison). The agreement also provides for the replacement of the prison sentence with a fine (another 432 thousand euros), so that she does not have to end up in prison.

The sentence is final, therefore Shakira will not have to undergo any hearing of a trial which, as expected, would have had a strong media impact on her daily life in Barcelona in the years in which she lived with the former Barça defender Gerard Piqué.