Messina, Coppa Italia Puntocuore Beach Soccer Serie A: today the inauguration ceremony at Capo Peloro


By John

The city of Messina is preparing to experience a sporting event of great importance: the Italian Serie A Puntocuore Beach Soccer Cup which will take place from the 27th to the 30th in the Domus Arena Beach Stadium in Capo Peloro – Torre Faro. Today, Wednesday 26 June, at 6pm at Capo Peloro, the opening ceremony in the presence of the mayor of Messina Federico Basileof the municipal councilor for Sport and Major Events Max Finocchiarowhich will be attended by the regional councillor for tourism, sport and entertainment Elvira Belovedthe coordinator of the Beach Soccer Department FIGC-National Amateur League Roberto Desinithe president of the Sicily Regional Committee FIGC – National Amateur League of Sicily Sandro Morganathe member of the National Consultation of the BS LND Department for the Sicily Region Joseph Boscothe member of the Beach Soccer Department Fabio Nicosiaand the sports expert of the Municipality of Messina Francesco Giorgio.

The event is organized by the National Amateur League Beach Soccer Department with the Municipality of Messina which sponsors the event together with the Tourism Department of the Sicilian Region and the ARS. Sixteen competing teams will compete for the final victory such as the very strong Farmaè Viareggio, Alsa Lab Napoli FC Lenergy Pisa, Catania and then Happy Car Sam and then Vastese, Icierre Lamezia Terme, Riccione FVG, Rome, Seatram Chiavari, Genoa , Sicily and City of Milan. The sporting event will start on Friday 27th with the round of 16 and will end on Sunday 30th June with the eight finals which will allow the winner of the Italian Serie A Beach Soccer Cup to be decided. The event will enjoy wide national coverage (with two rounds of the round of 16, all quarter-finals and semi-finals) broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of the National Amateur League. DAZN will closely follow the Coppa Italia Puntocuore with a new section in the app dedicated to Beach Soccer where you can review the summaries of the match days, the best plays, the highlights, the best goals and much more. The live experience will be guaranteed by the live coverage of the Italian Cup final.
“On display” for an entire weekend not only the sport, played in the Domus Arena Beach Stadium with its 1200 seats, but also many suggestive images of Capo Peloro, which will allow all spectators to attend the Beach Soccer matches with free admission in a setting of suggestive beauty, where it will be possible to admire the Laguna di Capo Peloro nature reserve, one of the most enchanting places in Sicily, managed by the Metropolitan City of Messina.
Estimated approximately 3000 visitors per day between athletes and professionals – to whom a significant satellite industry will be added – who will be able to enjoy a high profile national and international sports tourism event in one of the locations, already defined by the authoritative National Geographic as the best in Italy for views, which will combine the environment, sea and sport, giving life to an activity of promotion and valorisation of the territory thanks to the arrivals and presences from all over the world, who will thus have the opportunity to discover and contribute to making known a unique scenario for its incomparable beauty and environmental value.

Side events

Meanwhile, activities continue inside the Beach Soccer Village, the large area of ​​3,347 square meters that until June 30 will enliven the sports event with numerous collateral initiatives with street food, shows, sports activities for kids, families, for the little ones, social initiatives and environmental protection.

The Street Food & Beverage area, “heart of the village” promoted by Etnazar di Daniele De Vincenzo includes a selection of qualified food and wine operators in the sector with a “journey into taste” through the most loved typical products of the “street food” tradition. The entertainment area, coordinated by Teresa Impollonia, will propose today, June 26, the Blue in Sicily Reunion Dance Show; on June 27, at 9 pm, the live performance of the Black Out band; on the 28th, the live performance of the Band Blasco and on Saturday 29th the Festival canoro dello stretto and the Notte della Moda Sea Flight and finally on the 30th the radio zenith DJ set with Giovanni Giuffrè; and also the “Beach soccer Lab”, the space dedicated to some of the most significant realities of the city to generate a social and cultural network that involves institutions, excellences, associations and businesses from Messina, coordinated by Sabrina Assenzio, president of Terziario Donna Confcommercio Messina in collaboration with the LEM Group. From 6 to 8 pm the workshops will develop different themes: enhancement of the Strait of Messina, protection of the environment and marine ecosystems, healthy lifestyles, healthy eating and sports activities, art, and typical Sicilian agri-food and wine products, exhibition of historic companies in the sector and young startups. There will also be space for science, in the field for adults and children, with exhibitions dedicated to the sea, films and games that will show how important patents made in Messina are useful for cleaning water and land from pollution.

Today, June 26, journalism laboratory “Information is young – GDS Academy for Sicily Beach Soccer 2024”, with activities focused on the objectives of the Società Editrice Sud project, which involves schools and universities in Sicily and Calabria in the promotion of quality information. The workshops with free entry, at 6pm and 7pm, will be held by the manager of the GDS Academy of Gazzetta del Sud Natalia La Rosa, together with the Village staff in particular with Sabrina Assenzio, manager of the workshops. The young people present will be involved through tours of the Village and dialogues with the authorities and the organizers and participation in the show cooking at 7pm. At 8.30pm the awards ceremony for the Gazzetta del Sud projects in class with Noi Magazine and “Ci sono anch’io ” of RTP, with the participation of the schools and parishes involved in the activities promoted by the Sud publishing company. Entrance is free and is open to students, managers, teachers and families.

On the 28th, space for “Female Empowerment, the generative force of women”, multidisciplinary meeting and planning, with wine tasting, live art creation, interventions by Sicilian writers, expert designers and marketing, curated by Divinexperiences and Silicy Ceramics, LEM Group; on the 29th, the teachers and students of the ITTL Nautico Caio Duilio, led by the school director Daniela Pistorino, will welcome the children for workshops on reading nautical charts, maritime knots, nautical sports; On 30 June, the fruit sculpture and moving games workshop organized by the Tricenter Centre, the Messina Provincial Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs, Birra Sikania and Radio Zenith.
The same themes, always in a playful way, will be the protagonists of the Cooking Shows, which will take place from 7pm to 8pm, thanks to Chef Carlotta Andreacchio present on June 26th with the lady chefs Maria Luisa Muscolino, Renata Aiello and Antonella Adragna with “The Passion for the territory and the new generations”; on the 27th, chef Paolo Romeo and ice cream maker Giuseppe Arena with “Chefs in the field for the protection of the environment and health”; on the 28th, chef Filippo Lembo and Agata Rinaudo from the artisanal ice cream sector with “The new way of communicating the world of food, between social media, values ​​and value”; on the 29th, the chefs and pastry chefs of the ITS Albatros Foundation will deal with “Heroes of the territory by sea and by land”. Finally, June 30th ends with “Sport and the flavors of tradition” curated by the bakery chef Francesco Arena and the master pizza chef Enzo Piedimonte. The other areas planned concern teenagers with table football, table tennis, video games and electronic games; the sports area for 4 vs 4 football, mini basketball, volleyball and free play and finally exhibition areas and info points.
The program also includes live screening of the European Football Championship matches on the big screen.