Messina, firecrackers thrown against the police at the “Yellow Houses”. Basile: “These attitudes will no longer be tolerated”


By John

The mayor of Messina, Federico Basile, intervenes with a post on his FB page regarding the bonfires which, despite everything, broke out during the night in various parts of the city. In particular that of the Yellow Houses, where the police and teams from Messina services had repeatedly intervened in the hours before midnight to remove piles of wood.

Mayor Federico Basile’s post

For days we have worked incessantly to avoid the lighting of the so-called New Year’s bonfires. Only yesterday morning, 13,500 kg of woody material were collected in the Annibale district or better known as Case Gialle, the disposal of which will cost the community over 5,000 euros. All the law enforcement agencies, Municipal Police, Carabinieri and State Police, were deployed to ensure public order as much as possible and avoid unpleasant incidents such as occurred in previous years.

But despite the great efforts of the police and Messinaservizi Bene Comune, someone with an almost defiant attitude towards the armed forces present on sitelast night around 10pm not only did he set fire to a pile of woody material, but he was guilty of a cowardly attack, with firecrackers thrown, at those who were carrying out their duty in their role. My solidarity with the municipal police officers, the state police and the Carabinieri and to the MSBC operators, who yesterday with a great sense of duty were on the front line.
To those who instead think they can hinder, with their defiant attitude and non-compliance with the rules, the performance of public services and the guarantee of public order, know that certain behaviors will no longer be allowed and toleratedtherefore I will ask for the convening of a technical table with the Prefecture precisely to stem attitudes that harm the entire community.