Sicily, the “big ball” of the European Championships: here are all the names in contention


By John

There are 7 out of 12 councilors in the running. Which could rise to 8 if Luca Sammartino dissolved the reserve by accepting Salvini’s pressure to enter the League list. And so the European elections in June will turn into a test of the vote for the Schifani government.
It is also to avoid giving advantages to the centre-right Pd, M5S and South calls North they had tried to postpone the approval of the Budget: with two thirds of the council in the running, the maneuver could be transformed into an extra weapon to spend in the electoral campaign. Instead, the pressure from businesses to avoid a spending freeze has pushed the opposition to accept the pact that will bring the Budget to the finish line on 8 January.
Among the political winners of this delicate passage are the two Forza Italia councilors. Marco Falcone (Economics) and Edy Tamajo (Production Activities) they will lead the Forza Italia list at the European Championships that the coordinator Marcelle Caruso is building. Falcone and Tamajo are also the big sponsors of an avalanche of regulations and support measures for businesses and families that are attracting the attention of even allies. Forza Italia will certainly field the outgoing (former Pd) Caterina Chinnici and next to her two big names from Ars: the girl from Messina Bernadette Grasso and the Agrigento area Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo. The list must then be completed with two Sardinian candidates given that the constituency is unique.
The League is waiting to hear Sammartino’s decision. Salvini’s pressure is strong on the vice president of the Region. And many in the party are betting that in the end he will be a candidate: a prediction resulting from the fact that in his case too there are many rules in the Budget that assign contributions while in the department many funds are being released by decree in recent days (the latest is a 44 million tender for farmers in crisis).
The League is certain to also field the Education Councilor from Trapani Mimmo Turano. And the electoral pact with the MPA of Raffaele Lombardo will certainly cause the entry into the Northern League list of the autonomist waste councilor from Agrigento Roberto Di Mauro. As for the women of the Northern League, the re-nomination of the outgoing Annalisa Tardino is certain: the regional coordinator, also from Agrigento, is strong in the support of the group leader of the Ars in Palermo Marianna Caronia. And this could create a derby if they decide to run Sabrina or Vincenzo Figuccia.
Almost everything was also decided in Fratelli d’Italia. Giorgia Meloni will be leaders in all regions. The Prime Minister asked Nello Musumeci to take the field, but the former President of the Region declined the invitation and launched the dolphin Ruggero Razza. Which however could suffer from internal competition Except Pogliese, the former mayor of Catania who, if elected in Brussels, would free up a seat in the Senate. Fratelli d’Italia will also field a regional councilor, the Messina Elvira Amata (Tourism). And one of the big names in the consensus will certainly be on the list, the regional deputy from Agrigento Giusi Savarino. The issue of the candidate from western Sicily remains, a role for which the regional councilor for cultural heritage was in the running Francesco Scarpinato and the municipal councilor for culture Giampiero Cannella.