Messina, last day of retreat in Calabria. Then training at the “Marullo” in Bisconte


By John

Fourth test with formations of minor categories (wouldn’t it be appropriate to raise the level of the opponents?) for the Messinawhich he faced yesterday in thejoint training session with Cotronei, passed with the result of 9-0. Double for Emmausso (20′, 31′ and 8’st), while the other goals were scored by Frisenna (1′), Cavallo (45′), Iannone (26’st), Ortisi (27’st), Zunno (28’st) and Giunta (45’st). Today the last day in Calabria, in the Sila retreat, before the mid-August stop. The group will then return to the city, where they will train (from 16 August) at the “Marullo” in Bisconte thanks to the agreement with Camaro, which has been entrusted with the Giallorossi youth sector.

News is expected on the market front: there are currently four boxes to fill. Those of the two full-backs (probably under), the point guard and the attacker, the latter two crucial roles for the development of Modica’s game but, without exaggerating, probably for the entire season. Important slots, due to the crucial nature of the roles but also because the staff still needs an increase in quality and personality, especially in the middle of the field, after the arrival of Florence (the rest of the department has four unders plus Giunta) . Both Provenzano and Plescia (in attack), players treated by the Acr, would not be convinced of the destination and would have asked for more time. Sports director Domenico Roma had made it known that he wanted to try to speed up before mid-month, but some situations would have slowed down the closure of operations. The rest will depend on possible transfers, such as the possible ones of Daga and Iannone.
The expert central defender Federico Pacciardi spoke in the last few hours: «When I was called I accepted immediately, for me it is an honor to wear this shirt in such an important square. I hope that the public is our extra weapon». On retiring: «We run a lot in the morning, then there are tactical concepts with the ball in the afternoon. We are a young group, I have found good guys who have welcomed me, unity is fundamental, to be compact». Meanwhile defined the “match kit” with the votes of the fans. First white-shield shirt, third black with yellow-red references, yellow-red away shirt with blue frame (like the, perhaps avoidable, shorts).