We Moderates Calabria, regional coordination has taken office


By John

In the elegant setting of the Hotel Mare Chiaro in Gizzeria, the Regional Coordination of “NOI Moderati” convened by the lawyer took office yesterday. Antonello TalericoRegional Councilor and Councilor of the Municipality of Catanzaro, just appointed Regional Commissioner of Noi Moderati by the president Maurizio Lupi.
During the assembly attended by party leaders and many local administrators, the organizational lines and operations of the Party on the territory were illustrated, also in view of the forthcoming provincial and regional congresses.
The two members of the national leadership took the floor, Joseph Galati And Nino Fotiwho – brought the greeting of the National President Hon. Maurizio Lupi – expressed their public applause for the appointment of Hon. Talerico as Regional Commissioner of the Party.
The Hon. Talerico then took the floor and – having first thanked the party leaders for the trust placed in him – he intended to greet the four provincial coordinators present: from Catanzaro Maurice Wind (also responsible for local authorities); of Cosenza Richard Rose (also responsible for the organization); of Crotone Oreste Gualtieri (also responsible for membership); of Vibo Valentia Maria Rosaria Nesci (also responsible for Equal Opportunities).
The Hon. Talerico illustrated his idea of ​​a party in an organic and well-structured way, indicating the party’s short, medium and long-term objectives.
It starts from the structuring of the party, through the establishment of “NOI Moderates” Young (from 16 to 30 years), NOI Moderates Women, NOI Moderates Seniors (dedicated to the over 70s), in addition to the establishment of the Heads for thematic areas (among autistic spectrum, social and welfare services, business assistance, etc.) who, as underlined by Councilor Talerico, must not be figures “placed there to fill boxes” but must be active components in the territories, because, he continued, “the listening to the territory must be one of the first prerogatives of the party”. Certainly a still small party, which in any case is present in the structure of the National Government, but which has the ambition to grow also in our Region, through a growth process that must identify the elements of characterization and attraction for the ability to establish itself and carry forward important battles of civilization.
So, the new Regional Commissioner listed the central themes of his work, already as Regional Councilor and which he will now bring within the party: lfirst of all, especially with reference to services and structures for the disabled and seriously ill, and in this regard he invited the audience to applaud the late Giuseppe Profiti, who died suddenly last night.
But also the economic development that passes through the improvement of services and transport, this for the purpose of a concrete exploitation of tourism, an extraordinary resource of Calabria. It was also said of the importance of implementing public administration skills, on which we will have to invest as a party and this regardless of sterile calculations of electoral basins. In this regard, he recalled how unfortunately Calabria (together with all the other southern regions) will lose enormous resources from the PNRR, just as for decades it has often lost Community Funds which go back to Brussels as our local authorities have enormous difficulties both to design and implement interventions, on the one hand due to atavistic shortages of personnel, but on the other also due to the insufficiency, including skills, of the PA personnel, often more than supported, completely replaced by technical assistance experts.
Councilor Talerico highlighted the importance of involving personalities truly interested in leaving a mark through competence and experience in the partyin this regard, an important phase of comparison and debate will be launched to identify individual citizen coordinators throughout the Calabrian territory, with the clear intention of involving administrators and managers first of all, with the clear intention of starting to train the new ruling class .