Messina, learning to deal with disasters: Civil Protection week is back


By John

The municipality of Messina also took part this year in the fifth edition of the National Civil Protection Week with a program of events illustrated at Palazzo Zanca, in the presence of the deputy mayor Salvatore Mondello and the councilor for Civil Protection Massimiliano Minutoli, during a conference press, attended, among others, by the managers of the regional Civil Protection Service Bruno Manfrè, and of the municipality Antonio Cardia. Immediately afterwards, the twelfth edition of the safety week will begin, which Messina is among the few large cities to organize.

«Disaster events are not predictable – declared Deputy Mayor Mondello – but prevention is a fundamental element in order not to be unprepared and to deal with them as best as possible. These are therefore fundamental activities in a city and provincial area like ours which is exposed to various critical issues. Knowing the existing problems and creating prevention conditions a priori is essential since, after an event, unfortunately only the damage can be classified. The activation of the sirens, foreseen by the programme, means a warning and therefore falls within the scope of prevention”.

Councilor Minutoli, during his speech, explained the technical aspects, highlighting that «Within the National Civil Protection Week, the Municipality has planned two events: today a conference at the Palacultura on forest fires and hydrogeological instability; and Thursday 12th, siren activation tests in eighteen municipal sites. The traditional Safety Week will take place from 16 to 21 October, with a varied program; I thank the municipal offices who prepared the installation document and the voluntary associations, whose contribution is fundamental for the success of the exercises”. Engineer Manfrè, regional manager of civil protection, underlined “the importance of initiative presented as the exercise allows us to understand whether the population follows and understands the procedures to be implemented”.

The municipal experts in the sector, Eng. Antonio Rizzo, who spoke on “The alert system with sirens and warning signs for hydrogeological risk”; the geologist Sebastiano Monaco on “The activation of territorial garrisons with geologists in six macro-areas”; and the meteorologist Daniele Ingemi who discussed “The simulated expected event scenario”.
Today at the Palacultura, starting from 9.30 am until 1.30 pm, a conference on the theme “Forest fires and hydrogeological instability”. After the institutional greetings, speeches will follow, among others, from the director of the Messina Forestry Inspectorate, Giovanni Cavallaro, on “Year 2023 – Analysis of fires in the Peloritani and Nebrodi area”; by the provincial fire brigade commander of Messina Felice Iracà, on “Preventive defense activities of anthropized areas”; of the engineer Bruno Manfrè, regional director of Civil Protection, on “Interventions of the Regional Civil Protection department”; by the professor of Hydraulics at the University of Messina Giuseppe Aronica, on “The interference of forest fires with areas at hydrogeological risk”.