Will Rai New Year’s Eve be held in Crotone?


By John

Rai New Year’s Eve in Crotone? It is not the title of a new cinepanettone but it is a prospect that could become concrete in the next few weeks. This was indicated by the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiutoin a social video in which the governor responded to a parody of his speeches on Crotone’s “Pipareddru’s Journal” Facebook page.

Regarding the marginality of the Calabrian territory, and in particular of the Pythagorean capital, underlined by the satirical page, Occhiuto was keen to recall the actions implemented so far by his administration to try to revive its fortunes, including the new flights to the capital and all those “initiatives that can have a positive impact on the city”. It is at this point that the governor then announced: «I’ll give you some news – he said -: the Rai program “The Year to Come”, a traditional event dedicated to music and entertainment for millions of Italians on the last night of the year, could be organized right in the city of Pythagoras.». Strengthened by the agreement reached in the past months to have Rai New Year’s Eve held in Calabria for the next two years, the governor explained that he has started a process of convincing the leaders of national television and has even already identified two sites potentially suitable for holding the event: Piazza Pitagora and the “Ezio Scida” stadium. «It was hard – the President of the Region finally stated – because they didn’t want to do the broadcast in Crotone and it’s not yet certain that I will be able to convince them. But we are at a good point and now I will also talk to the mayor about it Vincenzo Voce, because it is useful for the Municipality to also be involved.” In the governor’s opinion, the event would become an exceptional vehicle for promoting the area, «to demonstrate to everyone – he concluded – that Crotone deserves to be known for the extraordinary beauties it has and not just for its problems». Soon, Occhiuto’s step was welcomed by Voce who assured “all our support if the project, as we hope, ends in a positive way”, indicating Piazza Pitagora as the ideal location.