Messina, Msgr. Letterio Gulletta new parish priest of the San Nicolò community in the Archbishopric


By John

There community of San Nicolò all’Arcivescovado is ready to write a new page of history together with the new parish priest, mgr. Letterio Gulletta who began his pastoral mandate with the mass presided over by the auxiliary bishop Cesare Di Pietro. An important witness was gathered by Gulletta, who succeeds his brother Salvatore Trifirò after twenty years in the parish church of viale San Martino, a significant urban space for the social and cultural life of the people of Messina. “A priest rich in talents put to good use in his 40 years of priestly ministry”: this is how Mgr. introduced him. Di Pietro to the new community, recalling the fraternal bond that binds him to his predecessor Trifirò who, as rector of the Seminary, included him in the training team for nine years. Born in 1958, originally from the village of Santa Lucia sopra Contesse in Messina, Don Lillo as everyone knows him, was ordained a priest in 1983; the late Archbishop Giovanni Marra wanted him alongside him as general secretary, he was also the archbishop’s delegate of the Cathedral and creator and artistic director of the “Fede Arte e Musica” exhibition. The Gospel of the Beatitudes proposed for the Solemnity of All Saints summarizes the pastoral program of the new parish priest who, said the auxiliary bishop, “has the duty to be a teacher in the faith, to sanctify the people through the sacraments and reconciliation and to guide the faithful to articulate the charisms in harmony”.

Welcomed by the community of San Nicolò, by the superior Sister Maria Tirendi of the Ancelle Riparatrici and accompanied by a representation of the parish of Santa Maria dell’Arco which he led for nine years, Msgr. Gulletta thanked his predecessor, “a man of great generosity who lived in sobriety, without ever expecting or waiting for career growth”. “For whom are we a Christian community? To know, love, serve and rejoice in the presence of the living Jesus”: this is the mission of Msgr. Gulletta, who urged the community to “open up to welcome with an open heart, learning to do little well, in simplicity”.