War in the Middle East, very tough fighting between the Israeli army and Hamas. Jabalia refugee camp destroyed: 400 dead and injured


By John

“The Jabalia refugee camp it was completely destroyed”: this was stated by the director of Gaza’s civil defense, Ahmad al-Kahlout, to journalists in front of a hospital in Khan Younis in the Strip. “The district was destroyed by six US-made bombs”, he said, quoted by al Jazeera.

“Six bombs of one ton each dropped on the Jabalia refugee camp (north of Gaza, ed.) have caused 400 deaths and injuries“: this was stated by the Hamas Ministry of the Interior in a statement. Local sources add that this is an initial toll, based on the victims already transferred to the nearby ‘Indonesi’ hospital. Many other victims, according to these sources, are still covered by the rubble .

Israel: “There are 40 missing of whom we no longer know anything”

The authorities fear that the fate of many Israelis classified as missing will remain unknown even after the war: 40 people are still unknown about them. Haaretz writes this reporting the estimates of defense officials. At the moment the authorities have not been able to determine whether the missing people were kidnapped or killed by terrorists. Officials believe many of the missing were murdered.

Israel, 2 soldiers killed in ground operation in Gaza

Two Israeli soldiers died today during ground operations in Gaza. The army made this known by explaining that the two were part of the Givati ​​Brigade. They are the first two soldiers killed since the start of Israeli operations that we know of.

Rocket warning from Gaza in central Israel and the Tel Aviv area

Rocket warning sirens from Gaza rang out in central Israel and greater Tel Aviv. The Israeli army made this known. It’s the second time during the day.

Hamas calls for a strong stance from Muslim countries

After the bombing in the Jabalia refugee camp, Hamas urges Arab and Muslim countries “to take a historic and decisive stand to stop the massacres” committed by Israel, and what it describes as a “genocide” against the Palestinian people. This was reported by Al Jazeera online, according to which in a statement Hamas also states that “the massacre of the Zionist terrorist occupation in the Jabalia camp is tolerated by all countries, governments and organizations that support this Zionist terrorist entity”.